Review 2023

On 9 November 2023, the winners of the EY Startup Academy 2023 were chosen after more than 30 workshops within 6 weeks and the final pitch contest. I3D Energy convinced our jury consisting of experts from the EY Startup Academy partner network and scored the first place. I3DEnergy is doing pioneering work in the energy sector with an AI-supported platform to improve energy efficiency and sustainability for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and municipalities. Christopher Ripp and his team impressed the jury not only with their business model, but also with their progress during the program, securing them the EY Startup Academy Award 2023.

Irish startup Protostars and Swiss startup niatsu scored second and third place. However, the almost 200 guests at the TechQuartier and online were also invited to vote for their favourite startup: the niatsu team led by Jakob Tresch, which specialises in calculating product carbon footprints (PCFs) in the food and beverage industry, scored another time and won the audience vote. Many thanks to all of our 9 startups participating the EY Startup Academy 2023, our partners and our speakers for an exciting 6 weeks!



Please find more information on the participants of the EY Startup Academy 2023 below.



bitsCrunch is pioneering the Future of Blockchain Data Analytics. Marrying AI/ML with decentralized data networks, bitsCrunch offers actionable insights into blockchain interactions. Our solutions empower enterprises to meet compliance goals, brands to protect their IP in metaverse, enhancing transparency and trust across the blockchain ecosystem.



I3DEnergy is pioneering in the energy sector with an AI-supported platform designed to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability for SMEs and municipalities. Leveraging advanced data visualization and automated CO2 accounting, I3DEnergy facilitates sector-coupled energy management by providing continuous AI-driven operational optimization. Its solution transforms complex data into intuitive visual representations on OpenStreetMap or every individual plan, enabling data-driven decisions without the necessity for expert knowledge.



niatsu is automizing the calculation of product carbon footprints (PCFs) in the food and beverage industry. With their transparent and scalable framework their clients have access to reliable greenhouse gas data and a foundation to build their scope 3 sustainability strategy.



As the first rating and data platform for tokenized real-world assets, Particula is pioneering the digital asset ecosystem. Its mission is to make the digital asset market more accessible and easier to understand for professional investors. The Particula team is passionate about market intelligence and harmonizing asset specifications to provide valuable insights. While doing so, its framework evaluates digitized assets based on their economics, environmental, compliance, and technology aspects.



Protostars helps cyber security consultancy organizations in financial services to deliver security audit reporting in financial terms using its AI-powered SaaS platform, which increases efficiency by up to 40%, saves cost by up to 30%, and improves auditor compliance to safeguard risk assessments. The problem and opportunity is enormous with the cost of crime set to hit a staggering $10.5 trillion annually by 2025 and with supply chain attacks impacting 45% of organizations globally. This limits digital acceleration and naturally prohibits financial inclusion. Cyber Risk and Embedded Finance issues are interdependent. Protostars has the team, the partners, and the market access to drive product-led growth helping to position it as a global leader in the security sector as well as to redefine SaaS for embedded financial services and AI for security.



QANplatform is the quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain designed for rapid process improvements. Developers and organizations can create quantum-resistant smart contracts and web3 solutions on top of QANplatform in any programming language. Integrations with Docker, Kubernetes, VMware, and major cloud platforms ensure compatibility with existing enterprise-level infrastructure. Thanks to its EVM compatibility, projects currently running on the Ethereum network can easily transition their operations to QANplatform.



streamboost is an AI startup that is revolutionising the live streamer and micro-influencer space. A passion for innovation and a commitment to improving the live streaming experience has quickly made streamboost a trusted partner for content creators and marketers alike. streamboost enables live streamers and micro-influencers to reach new heights in their online journey with cutting-edge AI technology. In doing so, streamboost is dedicated to providing practical solutions that not only captivate audiences but also unlock monetisation opportunities. streamboost understands the power of data, which is why it offers live chat analytics on its platform. Real-time insights into audience engagement, sentiment analysis and trends enable streamers to connect with their audience on a deeper level and make informed decisions about content. streamboost aims to reshape the live streaming landscape, driving engagement and turning passion into profit.



The Double Alpha Factory aims to make personalized investment advice more accessible to investors with the help of Mathematics, AI, and Big Data. Our wealth management ecosystem consists of mobile and desktop apps, that enable investor advisors and investors create personal portfolios according to their needs with less than 10 clicks in less than 2 minutes.