Review 2022

On 18 November 2021, the grand finale of the EY Startup Academy took place. At the end of the evening, Health Tech startup Alpha Brain Technologies prevailed over ambeRoad, AristanderAI,, evAI Intelligence, HCP Sense, Ignition, MotionsCloud and Summetix. HR Tech startup IGNITION scored the second place and the expert jury voted Tech startup as third. But the audience of the EY Startup Academy was also allowed to vote for their favorite: AI-based company evAI Intelligence GmbH. 



Please find more information on the participants of the EY Startup Academy 2023 below.



Cognate Language Learning offers the first truly customizable language learning solution, which uses AI to create hyper-personalized content, and uses unique social gamification elements to make learning effective and fun.



CryptoMate is a Plug & play Crypto infrastructure as a service via simple APIs and Web3 BI tools. It’s time to be a Crypto Company.



Data Lake has created a global medical data donation program where – like giving blood – people can donate their medical data to science. Their program is based on user consent and privacy and uses blockchain technology in both their consent platform, as well as for incentivizing participation through a utility token.



ICsec S.A is a Europe-based vendor of cybersecurity solutions dedicated to industry, including critical infrastructure. Since 2018, the company has been successfully creating the first cybersecurity ecosystem in Poland, combining industry and Polish science and growing its sales pipeline.



Retalos offers state-of-the-art vending machines for the 21st century. The Retalos X is an omnichannel device, an interactive Point of Sale and a data driven DOOH platform.


Revelaire enables companies to conveniently accept crypto payments with white label payment plug-in without the heavy burden of complex implementation. Additionally, revelaire performs KYC on customer wallets and screen for origination of underlying crypto assets to avoid risks concerning money laundering (AML). Verified wallet owners will have the ability to share personal KYC information with third parties, creating a self-sovereign identity management tool based on blockchain technology.


Rhoman Aerospace

Rhoman Aerospace is a US C-Corporation that provides drone autonomy, performance and safety optimization, and control software to commercial and military drones.



Zonifero S.A. augments your workspace by leveraging IoT sensors and smart building integrations and provides a guide to your organization and office, creating a frictionless experience for your employees and guests.