Review 2021

On 18 November 2021, the grand finale of the EY Startup Academy took place. At the end of the evening, Health Tech startup Alpha Brain Technologies prevailed over ambeRoad, AristanderAI,, evAI Intelligence, HCP Sense, Ignition, MotionsCloud and Summetix. HR Tech startup IGNITION scored the second place and the expert jury voted Tech startup as third. But the audience of the EY Startup Academy was also allowed to vote for their favorite: AI-based company evAI Intelligence GmbH. 






ambeRoad brings the search experience known from the web into companies. With this, ambeRoad is changing the way employees access knowledge within companies. It allows employees to intelligently find information across several data silos and file types. With amberSearch not only the Know-How stored in unstructured documents but also the Know-How “between the lines” will be intelligently made accessible Making companies more productive and efficient.



ArgumenText offers a technology which extracts core information from large text resources, 1000 times faster than a human reader. ArgumenText licenses its technology to industry leaders from sectors such as consumer goods, automotive or banking.



AristanderAI helps e-commerce brands to automatically optimize their pricing strategy with the help of state-of-the-art deep learning approaches. The B2B AI solution analyzes each web shop user and his individual willingness-to-pay and sets better, more profitable prices accordingly. is the intelligent solution to convert unstructured data into insights. Our artificially intelligent system is built to understand the context of the documents and to extract most important information and display it for the benefit of the users.’s solution is modular and ranges from a Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based semantic analysis via machine learning to e-signatures to enable its customers with a total end to end digital process.


Alpha Brain Technologies

Alpha Brain Technologies’s long- term vision is to tame the unpredictable nature of epileptic seizures and ultimately prevent seizures by literally stopping them in real time before they are about to happen. Epileptic seizures can occur at any time (day and night), “out of the blue”, and represent a dangerous, potentially life-threatening incident. Alpha Brain Technologies is working on a wearable device to detect (first generation), predict (second generation) and ultimately stop seizures before they happen (third generation).


evAI Intelligence GmbH

evAI Intelligence GmbH is an AI-based company and solution provider in the Contextual Intelligence market. evAI develops proprietary methods based on Natural Language Processing to extract business-relevant information from texts. evAI was founded in Oct. 2019 and is headquartered in Bad Reichenhall (D).


HCP Sense

HCP Sense, spin-off of TU Darmstadt, is presenting its sensor bearing, a simple and economical solution for process improvement and predictive maintenance. The sensor measures and analyses the forces applied on the bearing and its lubrication condition. Prototypes are already being implemented and tested in real conditions for various customer applications.



IGNITION is an HR tech start-up and, on its way, to becoming Europe’s largest platform for holistic HR solutions. In doing so, IGNITION brings consistent transparency to the complex HR market. IGNITION supports its customers in uncovering and specifying their HR needs, shows individual development paths towards HR excellence, and enables the search, selection, and assignment of HR solutions.



MotionsCloud is an InsurTech/InspecTech company that enables property/vehicle insurers, fleet/property management companies or manufacturers to streamline and automate claims and inspection processes using computer vision technologies. Powered by an AI computer vision engine and user-friendly interfaces, MotionsCloud evaluates vehicles and home damages based on images sent in by consumers, drivers or inspectors and generates an assessment of the damage severity, possible treatments and estimated costs.