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Our purpose is to co-create the future.

At our flagship wavespace Berlin, we believe in the power of collaboration. Working together with experts, other industry players, startups, innovators and even competitors is key to shaping the future of business, people, society and environment.

The world is transforming fast: digitalization, disruptive technologies, continuous change. With every challenge comes opportunity. wavespace is there to get the best out of these opportunities. wavespace is a collaborative environment designed to generate possibilities, achieve results faster and get people aligned – whether the goal is to grow, transform or disrupt.


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The global EY network of wavespace centers

We design immersive programs that bring the right people together, giving them the mindset and collaborative tools to think differently and to achieve better results faster. We are doing this both virtually and in-person for clients around the world.

Our global network is composed of 23 wavespace flagships in some of the most dynamic tech and innovation cities, for instance San Francisco and Shanghai, and 17 wavespace satellites focusing on a particular competency or emerging tech. The Berlin flagship sets a strong focus on co-creation, enabled by a protected working space and an open ecosystem.

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