Review 2019

The winner of the EY Startup Academy has been chosen: Sooqua won the Academy Award with PANDA and FINEXITY as second and third ranked. Further information here.



EY Startup Academy 2019 – it‘s a wrap! Once again, it was an eventful, intensive and exciting time. Learn more in our video.






FINEXITY enables retail investors to purchase tokenised real estate profit-shares starting at 500 Euro within 3 minutes, whilst granting them with the opportunity to trade their securitytokens via our blockchain-based marketplace 24/7.



suprtrue (

suprtrue is a webshop (under construction) for simple and sustainable packaging. With its packaging selection, suprtrue wants to enable brands and companies to package their products in a more sustainable, stylish and environmentally friendly way.




PANDA provides an all-in-one AI system to minimize machine downtime and production rejects for the industrial production.



Sooqua (

Sooqua is a Predictive-Maintenance-Tool that analyzes sensor data within (water) supply networks using machine learning algorithms and thus localizes leakages in an early stage, shows the networks’ status in real-time as well as predictions of pipe bursts.


Veronym Holding GmbH

Veronym Holding GmbH (

Veronym as a cloud security service provider (CSSP) offers revolutionary means of network security delivery with zero complexity, requiring no expert knowledge or CAPEX investment.


XignSys GmbH

XignSys GmbH (

XignSys GmbH is a company founded in 2016 with the goal of revolutionizing authentication and identification. The goal is to increase user-friendliness, improve security through greater acceptance and eliminate weak factors such as the password.



landopay (

landopay integrates expense management and purchasing on an easy-to-use platform. Businesses can view total spend in real-time, plan budgets and track purchases from order to reconciliation.